Pictures taken by Stephanie Smith

 Aaron Aaron Apostadero '20

My name is Aaron Apostadero and I am from a town called Wallkill in upstate New York. I am a Junior at Winchester High School and am interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. This past summer, I attended an academic program at University of Rochester which allowed me to take classes and to work alongside medical students and staff at the local hospital. During one class, I was able to touch and study a human heart and brain for the first time. In addition to focusing on academics this year, I was accepted to the Youth Volunteer Program at Mass General Hospital and will continue to be a member of Winchester High’s community service club, a Varsity Wrestler, and a member of the Track & Field team.

 Nyobe Nyobe Bandele '20 

My name is Nyobe Bandele. I’m from Philadelphia, PA and I’m a Junior at Winchester High School. I’m very interested in history and politics. This past summer, I began interning for Massachusetts State Representative Mike Day. I also attended a Summer Intensive in International Relations at Tufts University. During my time as an ABC Winchester Scholar, I’ve participated in our high school’s community service club and History Club. I’ve played volleyball and run track. I was elected to Student Council and am very excited to represent my class. This fall I am an intern for Representative Day’s re-election campaign. My favorite TV show is the Office even though the show ended. And I am a sports fanatic. Basketball has been my favorite since I was about six, but football has become a close second. My hobbies include playing basketball and video games, and every so-often I even read an article or book that isn’t required for school.

John John Emanuel '20

My name is John Emanuel and I am a Junior from Brooklyn, New York. I'm interested in studying journalism and communications in college, and have developed a passion for photography. As a member of the Student Council at Winchester High, I attended the National Student Leadership Conference at American University in Washington, D.C. this past summer. The opportunity was truly one of a kind. I am grateful to have met peers from around the country who share similar interests, and to learn so much about how the media world works. In addition to being an ABC Winchester Scholar, I’m co-founder of an extracurricular club, Good Vibes Only, at our high school. GVO focuses on social and emotional wellness and health. I also play football, basketball and baseball for Winchester High. As an athlete and an ABC Scholar, I honestly believe nothing beats the camaraderie and pride of being a contributing member of a team.


Jeremiah Colbert '21

My name is Jeremiah Colbert. I am a sophomore from Washington, DC where I live with my mother, father, and my older brother Antoine. I am grateful to be an ABC Scholar and to have the opportunity to attend Winchester High. My favorite subject is math and this year, I am looking forward to working as hard as possible to get high marks. I am also looking forward to playing with the football team, and to spending time playing basketball and video games with my friends and my ABC brothers.


Samuel Cruz '21 

My name is Samuel Cruz and I am sophomore at Winchester High School. I am of Dominican descent and I come from Lawrence, a small city in northeast Massachusetts. My favorite subjects are language arts and science. I am on Winchester High School’s volleyball team, one of the new interests I have developed while attending Winchester High School. This fall, I am interning for State Representative Michael Day’s re-election campaign. I am grateful to be an ABC scholar and know that I will cherish this experience for my whole life.

 Karl Karl von Weissenbeck '21

My name is Karl von Weissenbeck. I am a Sophomore from Detroit, Michigan although I was born in Ghana where I lived until I was four years old. The school subjects that I like the most are English, history, and some sciences. In my free time I like to read, learn more about the world around me, and play video games. I am on the Winchester High School varsity tennis team and enjoy playing other sports including soccer and volleyball as well. I love being an ABC Winchester Scholar, and look forward to my future at Winchester High and beyond with excitement and an open eye for opportunities.