Executive Committee

Eric Woods President
Dan Burke Fundraising
Mike Schoennegge Vice President
Michele Norman Vice President/Academic Advisor
Lauren Mineo Secretary
Kady O'Grady Personnel
Amy Burke Host Family Coordinator
Anna Hood Host Family Coordinator
Jon Taylor Treasurer
Doe Coover College Coordinator

House Team

Rich & Beatriz Harley Resident Directors/Chef

Board Members

Mary Aldrich Background Checks
Melinda Stone College Advisory Co-Chair
Counselor Sam Healy
Dr. Brittanny Boulanger Health Chair
David Errico Housing
Steve Eichel Legal
Mary Kay KcIntyre Marketing Chair
Bob Trakimas School Representative
Michele Norman ABC Liasion to WHS
Shamus Brady and Anthea Brady Student Selection Chairs
Carol Reid Student Affairs/Enrichment
Amanda Lewis Summer Programs Chair
Tech Advisor Rayvoughn Millings
Gail Carusao Volunteer Coordinator
Chris Valcourt Web Site
Terry Marotta At-Large
Mary Woolf At-Large
Roseann Sauer At-Large
Tracy Kinsey At-Large
Linda Fontana At-Large